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News - 08.09.2012

J.Borlée: 'I'd like to thank everybody'


At the press conference after the race, Jonathan spoke as the first one of the Borlée brothers. He could not immediately find an answer as to what exactly made the difference between him and his brother today. 'You'll have to ask Kevin, he won. All of us are very tired after a long season. Five or six of us were very close with only 100m left. Perhaps Kevin had a bit more urge to compete'.

Jonathan went all out during the race nonetheless, out of gratitude the fans gave him during the year. 'I'd like to thank everybody for their support, both here in the stadium tonight and during the entire season. You know, we both can improve a lot, but that's not easy right now. The season is over. It is better to dream up a plan first and then work on it.'

With the race Kevin reeled in enough Diamond League points to claim the diamond. Will the twin also split the profits. 'We didn't talk about that yet. I myself did anything I possibly could to come in second, to secure the diamond for at least one of us.'


Jonathan aches for a period of rest. 'Tomorrow the season is finally over. I'll still be taking part in a 4x400m for the club, but that's it. We might go our own way for holidays, but we'll start training again end of October. But I don't want to think about that just yet.'