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News - 08.09.2012

Bolt: 'I have been really drained'

Even though Usain Bolt stressed that he 'was out there for the fans', he could not deny that he felt tired. 'I'm just happy to be done, you know. I have been really drained. Yesterday I told my coach I felt slow. I'm happy I didn't get injured in the last few day.'

However, Bolt is not ready to leave just yet. He'll be DJ at a Jamaica party after the Memorial. 'I always have energy for parties. I really enjoy music, it is not much work. It is going to be good, just fun you know.'

Before his final perfomance of the season, Bolt went into town and bought himself some trousers. 'I bought some jeans today, 9 pairs of them in fact. They just fit, so I bought them.'

'What's next, I don't know. I'm banking on six weeks of rest at least, but my coach will tell me soon how much I've earned. Right now, I just want to go home and rest.'

Even though there have been talks about his ability to run 400m, Bolt did not want to expand on that, not just yet. He first went for a dance on the track in the stadium to the tunes of Shaggy.