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News - 12.08.2011

Fastest man without legs will compete against fastest twins

The world's fastest 'legless' man against the world's fastest twins. That will be one of the highlights of the night on September 16th during the Belgacom Memorial Van Damme in the Koning Boudewijnstadion in Brussels.

That world's fastest man 'without legs' is Oscar Pistorius. This South African athlete was born without fibula or tibia and lost his feet after a life-saving amputation. But that doesn't keep him from building a career as a sports ace.

Pistorius runs with two special carbon-fiber protheses. 'Flex-Foot Cheetah' is what these protheses are called. They were invented by an American called Van Phillips. Because of these protheses the 24-year old South African is called the 'Blade Runner'.
On September 16th, during the Belgacom Memorial Van Damme Pistorius will run his first race in Belgium. In the 400m, he will compete against the Borlée brothers, the world's fastest twins. Kevin is European champion and holds a personal record of 44.74. Jonathan holds the Belgian record of 44.71.

The Belgian brothers are the favourites for this race, but with a personal record of 45.07 Pistorius is pretty close. 'Blade Runner' achieved this personal record on July 20th during a meeting in Lignano, in Italy.

Video: Pistorius sets personal best of 45.07s