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  • 07.09.2012 -

    Olympic high jump champion Anna Chicherova is happy that she can enjoy the fantastic atmosphere during the Belgacom Memorial Van Damme again.

    We went and picked up Chicherova at the airport of Zaventem (Brussels). more

  • 07.09.2012 - Follow the Belgacom Memorial Van Damme LIVE!

    You don't have to miss out on any event from this year's Belgacom Memorial Van Damme, follow the final Diamond League meeting via our livestream and live ticker . more

  • 07.09.2012 - Bolt: "Top athletes should better avoid each other in meetings'

    In the run up to the Belgacom Memorial Van Damme Usain Bolt held a press conference. He wants to end the season on an ultimate high note in Brussels and then enjoy a well-deserved rest. more

  • 06.09.2012 - Blake: 'Brussels has the fastest corner'

    On Wednesday Yohan Blake trained a few Belgian talents. But 'The Beast' also took the time to look at what's ahead at the Belgacom Memorial Van Damme. more

  • 06.09.2012 - Usain Bolt’s All Time top 10

    Jamaicans got style, Jamaicans got rhythm. That certainly applies to Mister Lightning Bolt himself. Not only will Usain Bolt be DJ at the Jamaican Party, he also told us his All Time Top 10 in music. more

  • 06.09.2012 - Tough competition for Hellebaut

    In the high jump at the Belgacom Memorial Van Damme, Tia faces tough competition. Among the competitors are the gold and bronze medals from London. more

  • 06.09.2012 - Van Alphen takes part in the long jump

    No decathlon is scheduled at the Belgacom Memorial Van Damme. But still Hans Van Alphen takes part, in the long jump only this time.

    Van Alphen claimed fourth in the decathlon at the London Olympics. more

  • 05.09.2012 - Jonathan and Kevin Borlée: 'Wining the Diamond league is still possible'

    At their press conference, Jonathan and Kevin Borlée seemed very relaxed. Father Jacques Borlée, also their coach, reassured everybody straightaway. more

  • 13.08.2012 - Memorial with world’s fastest men sold out!

    All 47.000 tickets for the Belgacom Memorial Van Damme are sold out. Everyone who already had a ticket will get to see an unprecedented number of medalled sprinters in Brussels. more

  • 23.07.2012 - Blake: 'Brussels has changed my life'

    "That super-fast 200m at the Belgacom Memorial Van Damme last year has changed my life. Of course this year I don’t mind coming back to Brussels," said Yohan Blake to Belgacom Memorial TV. more

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