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The AG Insurance Memorial van Damme is the best athletics meeting in the world

Since 1977 the AG Insurance Memorial van Damme is renown for its high performance ratings. At the AG Insurance Memorial van Damme no less than 13 world records have been set with 6 of them still actual world records. A huge number of European and continental records have been set and a flood of national records was produced.

That rich history of high performance is brought together in the AG Insurance Memorial van Damme all time top 20. This all time list is a unique summary of more than three decades of international world class athletics at the AG Insurance MVD !

6 actual worlds records have been set at the
AG Insurance Memorial van Damme
  • 10000m M 26.17.53 Kenenisa Bekele 2005
  • 3000m steeple M 7.53.63 Saif Saaeed Shaheen 2004
  • 4 x 800m M 7.02.43 Kenya 2006 (Mutua, Yiampoy, Kombich, Bungei)
  • 1000m W 2.28.98 Svetlana Masterkova 1996
  • 2 mile W 8.58.58 Meseret Defar 2007
  • 4 x 1500m M 14.36.23 Kenya 2009 (Biwott, Gathimba, Rono, Choge)

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History Overview

  • 2011 -

    Le Belgacom Mémorial Van Damme 2011 était un grand cru. Usain Bolt et Yohann Blake ont 'claqué' deux MPM sur 100 et 200m. Les frères Borlée terminent 1er et 2e du 400m alors que Chicherova est passée près du record du monde. more

  • 2010 -

    Tyson Gay a confirmé sa forme ascendante lors du Belgacom Memorial Van Damme. L'Américain a signé le second temps de l'année sur 100 m. Et le 400 m a réservé des adieux émouvants à Cedric Van Branteghem. more

  • 2009 -

    Yelena Isinbayeva a décroché cette année au Belgacom Memorial Van Damme une sixième victoire d'affilée. Maria Mutola demeure au top de la hiérarchie. more

  • 2008 -

    In every possible aspect, the 32nd edition of the Belgacom Memorial Van Damme was a golden one. After celebrating the Belgian Olympic athletes, Kim Gevaert won her last race, Usaine Bolt only just beat Asafa Powell in the 100m and Pamela Jelimo reeled in the jackpot. more

  • 2007 -

    A fantastic 31st edition of the Memorial Van Damme, with a world record for Meseret Defar at the 2 mijl as its climax. Kenenisa Bekele (10.000m) Sanya Richards (400m) and Paul Kipsiele Koech (3000m steeple) delivered a world year best each. more

  • 2006 -

    With a world record at the 4x800m, a world year best at the 5000 and the 10000 meter and great victories from home players Tia Hellebaut and Kim Gevaert the Memorial Van Damme has got a wonderful 30th edition! more

  • 2005 -

    Kenenisa Bekele has given the 29th Memorial Van Damme its ultimate climax. The Ethiopian athlete broke the world record at the 10k. Saif Saaeed Shaheen from Qatar has run a world year best at the 3000m steeple of Memorial Van Damme in Brussels. more

  • 2004 -

    Even though organised right after this year's Olympics, the 28th Memorial Ivo Van Damme was of a high sporting level. Two new world records were established. more

  • 2003 -

    available soon... more

  • 2002 -

    For the second time in a row the Van Damme became the number one meeting of the year in the IAAF ranking based on the 72 best performances during the meet. more

  • 2001 -

    For the first time in his history the Van Damme became the number one meeting of the year in the IAAF ranking based on the 72 best performances during the meet. more

  • 2000 -

    Even three weeks before Sydney a lot of stars choose to compete in Brussels. In every event for women the future Olympic champion did participate.

    Marion Jones (100m), Cathy Freeman (400m), Maria Mutola (800m) and Trine Hattestad (javelin) won their event; Heike Drechsler (long jump), Nouria Mérah-Benida (1500m) and Olga Shishigina (100m hurdles) needed some adjustment. more

  • 1999 -

    Most of the medallists of Seville took part in this first big meeting after the World Championships, but not necessarily in their main event.

    Hicham El Guerrouj for instance went for the 3. more

  • 1998 -

    About one week after have set a new European record of 10.73 during the European Championships in Budapest, Christine Arron faced Marion Jones for a duel on 100m. more

  • 1997 -

    The year of all records: nine stadium records and several national records were broken and history was written. For the first time in athletic history, 2 classic distance world records were broken in the same meeting. more

  • 1996 -

    The Mémorial Van Damme inaugurates a new Mondo-track resulting in an avalanche of top performances.

    The fast lanes were mastered by Denis Mitchell (10. more

  • 1995 -

    The second best Memorial ever.

    First of all, there was the 1000 m WR by Maria Mutola, then we had two supertimes: Kiptanui in the 3000 m steeple (7. more

  • 1994 -

    Bubka comes back from his 1992 defeat: 5m95. Mike Powell is there again with 8m58.

    But all the attention is on the sprinters: Christie in 10. more

  • 1993 -

    What a feast during the Golden Four Final!

    Gwen Torrence ran an incredible double over 100 et 200 m: respectively 10.86 and 21. more

  • 1992 -

    No surprise as Merlene Ottey wins the 100m (10.89), but what about Serguei Bubka winning the pole vault (5m85)?

    Brillant performances from Mike Powell (8m58), from Kevin Young in the 400m hurdles(47. more

  • 1991 -

    Again loads of outstanding performances: Ngugi struck again at the 10.000 m (27.11.62), his fellow Kenyan Moses Kiptanui beets the stadium record in 3. more

  • 1990 -

    The era of the Kenyans defenitely started: Yobes Ondieki ran a superb 13.05.60 over 5000 m.

    Leroy Burrell had an appointment with history: 10. more

  • 1989 -

    Again an ephic 10.000 m with John Ngugi (27.27) and Salvatore Antibo, Mike Powell with an 8m49 jump and an excellent time for the majestic Merlene Ottey (11. more

  • 1988 -

    Steve Cram went faster again, but still no WR (3.30.95). Francesco Panetta ran a courageous 10.000 m race all on his own (27. more

  • 1987 -

    The year in wich Brussels hosted the IAAF MOBIL Grand Prix final. We saw the debut of Mike Powell, who became the publics darling, Sergei Bubka in the pole vault (5m80), Ana-Fidelia Quirot (1. more

  • 1986 -

    An historic duel: Aouita against Steve Cram's WR and Steve Cram against Aouita's WR. Both failed by a very small margin: 59/100 and 69/100 respectively. more

  • 1985 -

    The same stars dominated : Carl Lewis jumps a magnificent 8m62.

    Said Aouita again brilliant in the 3000 m (7. more

  • 1984 -

    A great year!

    Carl Lewis never jumped that far in Brussels (8m65), Said Aouita finishes one second outside the 3000m WR, Joacquim Cruz runs a brillant 1. more

  • 1983 -

    A lot of new faces, who would mark the next decade: Carl Lewis won the long jump with 8m36.

    Steve Cram ran a superb 3. more

  • 1982 -

    A year rich in excellent results: Marita Koch ran an incredible 48.87 over 400 m.

    Peter Koech 13.14.71 for 5000 m and Sydney Maree3. more

  • 1981 -

    The first world record: Sebastian Coe, pushed by Mike Boit, breaks the mile record.

    Evelyn Ashford ran a superb 21. more

  • 1980 -

    Pietro Mennea did it again: in very cold weather, he ran an astonishing 20.05 on 200 m. more

  • 1979 -

    Steve Ovett misses out on the WR 1500 m by a sheer 1/100 of a second.

    Brussels also said goodbye to one of the most gracious athletes ever: Irena Szewinska. more

  • 1978 -

    Two all time greats were the stars: - Alberto Juantorena in the 400m - Edwin Moses in the 400m/haies more

  • 1977 -

    A passionate duel between Jacek Wszola and Dwight Jones in the high jump captitivated the spectators and kept everyone in the stadium long after the other events had finished. more

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